What’s that name again?

I recently read an article put out by the International Food Information Council Foundation discussing the big long names in food labels. You know you have all read them before. Examples include Acesulfame Potassium, Gamma Tocopherol,  Zeaxanthin, and the list goes on.


Does it scare you when you see names you can not pronounce? Does it make you second guess what you are putting into your body? It’s okay if that is the case. I have to admit that even I feel sometimes like my science degree did not fully prepare me for those big long names. I also have to admit that many times I look like a second grader slowly sounding out the word syll-a-ble by syll-a-ble.


But do longer names really mean that it is less healthy? Take the poll below and tell us what you think! After you rock the vote check out the article “What’s In a Name?” (It is a very quick read I promise!)


Did the article change your perception or was this information you assumed all along? Leaves us your comments!*



*This blog literally thrives off of your comments! We need all the feed back we can get. So please leave a comment and tell us what you did or did not learn! And stay tuned for future posts.



One thought on “What’s that name again?

  1. I really found the PDF explaining different ingredients interesting. It is easier to grasp the meaning of long named ingredients and retain the info by having a form like this.

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