USDA of the 20’s

I was browsing through the USDA archive folders and I found some great posters from the 1920’s. These were posters the USDA used to promote a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. It is so fun to look back at these photos and see how far our science and lifestyle has advanced over the past 9 decades. Can you believe that we have come all the way from the milk bottle “pyramid” at the bottom to the MyPlate system that we use today?

Did you know that the USDA was actually started under President Lincoln? In 1862 with his signing of the Agriculture Act the United States Department of Agriculture began. Since then the USDA has founded many great programs like the National School Lunch Program , the MyPlate program (formerly known as MyPyramid), and the Organic Food Certification Program just to a name a few. Thanks to efforts made by the USDA (and other entities) the United States can boast having one of the largest and safest food supplies in the world.

I love that this poster portrays good posture as one of the keys to good health!

This poster is too cute! How funny is it that they are reminding people to take a bath “oftener” than once a week?

Photos courtesy of USDA Flicker:


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