Portion Control

A while back I was at my parents house helping them clean out some old boxes and trunks. While sorting everything out I found these old orange Oklahoma State cups. My mom was going to get rid of them but I thought they were really neat so I decided to keep them for myself.

Small Cup

I found out that these small cups were actually ones my parents had saved from the football games in the 1970’s. These little bitty cups were the cups sold at the concession stands during the game. If you are thinking, “No way! Those little things?” it is probably because you are used to seeing this size of cup.

Large Cup

Here is a picture of the cups side by side for better comparison.

Two Cups

We keep hearing about how much our portion sizes are growing in America but we have become so used to the larger sizes they do not seem shocking anymore, in fact we have come to expect them. Here is a great visual of how much portion sizes have changed. Imagine how upset a fan would be today if they went to purchase a drink and received the small cup, or how in shock patrons of the 1970’s game would be to receive the large cup.

Producers today want consumers to feel that are getting more “bang for their buck” by dishing out larger portion sizes. Be aware and mindful that many times when you are eating away from home you are getting double or sometimes even triple what a normal serving size should be. Look for old items in your house that reveal the portion distortion problem in America, and make yourself mindful of the portions you are consuming.


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